Do dogs need to protect their paws in the winter?

Winter is in full swing! Every dog owner inevitably wants their dog comfortable and safe during his winter outings. You have a collar or a harness, a leash, a coat if necessary, but do you have winter boots?

Let's take a closer look at why we recommend getting boots for your dog.
First, the cold. The boots protect the pads during very cold periods and prevent frostbites. You can even add suitable socks for dogs for additional isolation. The socks provide a better hold for the boot on your dog's feet.
Then there is the snow. At all times, but especially when the snow is sticky, accumulations (and even ice balls) can form between your dog's toes and cause injury and minor cuts.
Finally, sand and salt. Practical for humans when it's icy outside, these abrasives can hurt your companion by causing lacerations and cracking the pads.
Here are 2 models of boots that our customers have tested and approved.
Soft winter boots : affordable, easy to adjust and put on, with reflective stripes.
Winter rubber boots : high quality, ergonomic, waterproof and guaranteed for life.
Always make a habit of checking your dog's pads and paws every time he comes back from outside, especially in the winter. It is also recommended to clean these areas to remove snow, salt, sand or other dirt. When we talk about health, prevention is always better than cure.
Of course, not all dog breeds have the same resistance to cold. Dog boots will be particularly relevant for smaller breeds that stay more often indoors and have smaller, more fragile pads, but also for older dogs. Also, if you play sports with your dog, such as forest walks or running, it is recommended to protect the pads of your dog. Only Nordic dogs have endings allowing them to make long winter outings without hurting themselves.
If you are wondering about your companion's health or the best practices to adopt according to his race, age or situation, your veterinarian is your contact person.
Just like the coat, it will take time for your dog to adapt to his new boots. Let him feel and reward him as he approaches and begins to wear them. Be aware that boots are designed to minimize the impact on dog mobility. However, he may have a funny approach the first few times, but will get used quickly, especially when he begins to understand their benefits!
Bring your fur friend with you and come see us in one of our 2 shops: Place de la Cité in Sainte-Foy or Rockland Center in Montreal. It will be our pleasure to assist you in the choice of winter boots and the adaptation your pet might require, in addition to making the necessary fittings in a safe environment.
This winter, offer well-being, comfort and safety for your dog. He will appreciate his walks and other winter outings even more!
The Chien Mondain team


Bonjour Johanne,

Nous avons reçu les bottes souples aux boutiques de Québec et de Montréal. Vous pouvez également les commander en ligne!

L’équipe mondaine 🐶

Chien Mondain 28 octobre 2019
Avez-vous recu vos bottes d’hiver pour petit chien chihuahua xsmal , pas de vekcro , l’autre modèle qu’on tire sur une petite corde .
tremblay johanne 28 octobre 2019

Bonjour Martine,

Les bottes d’hiver en caoutchouc disponibles en ligne ont des tailles différentes pour les pattes de devant et celles de derrière. Sous la botte, vous trouverez une inscription « Front » et « Back » de sorte à savoir quelles bottes mettre sur quelles pattes. Nous vous recommandons la taille XS pour votre teckel ! Elles sont hyper résistantes, tiennent bien en place et sont garanties à vie.

L’équipe mondaine 🐶

Chien Mondain 05 février 2019
En avez-vous pour les pattes des teckel petits en erriere et grand en avant. Jr ne veux pas devoir acheter 2 grandeurs differente Mon chien a les pattes plus petite en arriere et il ny en a pas qui lui font pour les 4 pattes.
Martine 05 février 2019

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