How to get back in shape with your faithful companion?

Many of us start the year with the firm intention of spending more time outdoors and getting in shape. Although January is known to be the month for resolutions, it is also often the least lenient of the winter...

Our faithful companion can be a great source of motivation to go outside and be active during the cold season. He of course also needs to move and like many dogs, loves to play in the snow!
Going outside with your dog, will allow him to spend his excess of energy. Exercise helps reduce anxiety and prevent certain health problems. In addition, you will prevent him from developing bad behaviour resulting from boredom. An inactive lifestyle can be harmful for both humans and their furry best friend!
The classic walk with your pup is of course the physical activity of choice for the simple reason that it is so accessible. Besides, it is just as beneficial and enjoyable for your dog as it is for you!
Along the way, why not stop at the dog park? The perfect place to let your dog run freely and give him the opportunity to socialize with other dogs. Of course, you can also move freely with him!
If you want to shorten your outing, turn your traditional walk into a session of speed-walking. Less time spent outside, but higher intensity! Did you know about the elastic leash for runners? It is equally practical for walking and speed-walking, since it frees your hands and prevents shocks for both you and your companion.
Bring your dog to your favorite snowshoe trails, first making sure they are allowed on the premises. The winter landscapes are beautiful and the trees protect you from the wind !
There is also a sport that is growing in popularity: cross-country skiing or skijoring. Many Quebecers love cross-country skiing in the winter, but with your dog's addition of power by running and pulling, it's even better! Prepare yourself by asking about the right gear and equipment to get started. Although most dogs can practice this sport, make sure your dog is in great health, and has enough energy and stamina. It can be hard on the joints! Finally, take proper care to find a place where Skijoring is allowed, such as the Domaine Plein-Air Canin in St-Nicolas on South-Shore of Québec.
This short video will tell you a little more about this winter sport.
We want to remind you to always consult your veterinarian if you have any questions regarding the health of your companion or on good practices to adopt according to his breed, age or situation. He is there for you!
To make your winter outdoor outings more enjoyable, we recommend dressing your dog appropriately. With a coat that will keep him warm and boots that will protect him from the cold, the salt and the snow that can accumulate between his toes.
Your Chien Mondain team has written detailed articles on  coats and the boots you can refer to.
Another little trick: give your dog a pillow or a comfortable bed when he gets back from outside. He will be more than happy to find his warm little cocoon ! At Chien Mondain, we have several models of beds and cushions, you will surely find one that will make your dog happy ! 
Of course, the cold is sometimes too extreme and its better to stay inside. Unfortunately, this kind of temperature can sometimes last several days ... In our next article, we will suggest indoor activities to do with your dog to keep him active during these periods of intense cold!


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Chien Mondain 28 octobre 2019
Bonjour j’ai vu que vous faites des proposition de sortie et activité a faire avec son chien, si je peux vous soumettre un tres bel endroit pour faire une super activité intérieur est le centre hydromassage canin situé a Chambly pour faire de la baignade libre intérieur, seul et intime avec son ou ses chiens dans un grand bassin chauffé de 12p x 7.5p, une super activité ouvert a l’année. Par temps trop froid l’hiver ou trop chaud l’été, toujours disponible. Vous puvez me contacter pour plus d’info si vous avez intéret.

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Véronique Lang 28 octobre 2019

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