Are you in the mood to go shopping? Make the best of both worlds  and let your dog socialize with the other dogs in our daycare. You are overwhelmed by your schedule and you do not have the time to make a round trip to the groomer? At Chien Mondain, you can entrust us with your four-legged friend as early as 10am, Monday through Sunday.

The Chien Mondain daycare is an exclusive service reserved to Place de la Cité, and Rockland center customers to facilitate their shopping and enjoy the foodcourt. Dogs are kept in a relaxation area (without cages) with toys, cushions and bowls filled with water. Dogs are separated according to their weight and behavior. We are committed to taking care of them as if they were at home. Cleanliness, comfort, dedication and love for your peace of mind and the well-being of your canine companion.
$ 5 / hr (plus taxes) / Maximum 2h