Calm and relaxation, to put your pet at ease -

Each grooming session is done in a calm setting. We take the time to gain your pet's trust so that his grooming experience is pleasing and a moment of relaxation. Each grooming session, starts with a bath to provide your pet a cleansing while relaxing!
The services provided while grooming your pet:
  • Grooming treatments and trims given gently, using high-end products suitable for sensitive skin;
  • A cut adapted to the peculiarities of the breed and the preferences of the owner;
  • A touch of fragrance;
  • To ensure excellent service, a customer service policy is assured with our canine stylist to respect the high standards of the company;
  • Basic hygiene: nail cut, clearing excess hair from the ears and in between paw pads, ear cleaning, genital area care;
  • Massage-wash with shampoo and conditioner adapted to your pet;
  • Drying;
  • Personalized chart with the particularities of the animal;
  • bowties, bows or other small accessory following the moment's trends. 
  • Note: The emptying of the glands is done at the request of the client only.
Opening hours of the grooming salon
  • Mon - Wed, 9h to 15h
  • Thu, 9h to 19h
  • Fri, 9h to 15h
  • Sat, 10am to 4pm
  • Sun, Closed
  • Grooming small dog breeds, $ 46 (plus taxes)
  • Grooming medium breeds dogs, $ 56 (plus taxes)
  • Grooming large dog breeds, $ 66 (plus taxes)
  • Grooming very large dog breeds, $ 76 (plus taxes)
  • Grooming cats, $ 41 (plus taxes)
  • Nail cut, $ 10 (plus tax) (Sixth cut free)
  • Application of nail polish, $ 10 (plus taxes)
Note: The price is subject to change depending on the breed and condition of the animal's hair.