An experience to remember ― Welcome to Chien Mondain

At Chien Mondain, shopping is an experience ! In the company of your furry friend, browse and discover our store dedicated to the well-being of your pet and to offering the best service.

Everything was carefully thought of so you can offer your cherished one a grand designer wardrobe, comfort and warmth, all at reasonable prices ! Fashionable accessories, clothing collections from around the world or made by our talented local designers, exceptional furniture, nothing was left to chance to assure that our clients will find what they need among out treasured finds, in a friendly and festive atmosphere. Let your dog roam free in the store, try on clothes on site and enjoy our personalized service. For those who are shopping online, the shop offers you a great selection from our inventory, with new products being added every month. You can also keep in touch via our Facebook or Instagram pages to have more information about our products.

Where to find us ?

Place de la Cité, Québec
2600, Laurier Boulevard, room 155
Québec, (Québec), G1V 4T3
+1 418 527-2226

Centre Rockland, Montréal
2305, chemin Rockland, room 1385
Mont-Royal, (Québec), H3P 3E9
+1 514 437-9663