To capture the moments that make your heart melt ―

Jessica Giguère is the official photographer of Chien Mondain.
For Jessica, photography is the easiest medium to convey an emotion or convey a message. Her artistic career was very diverse, but she had to try everything. In sum, she spent a year in Lutherie Guitar, completed a DEC in Visual Arts and a BAC in Arts and Science Animation. Photography followed throughout her career. The idea of being self-employed appealed to her a lot and she ended up indulging in 2015. Making a living with her art; the dream!
She is above all a passionate person in everything she undertakes and as you probably guessed, not only is she fascinated with her work, but also animals. Which is why she specializes in pet photography. Each of you share a bond with your animal that is often indescribable. As a photographer, she is there to find it and capture it. Before each session, she likes to meet you and your special companion. Ideally in person, but it is also possible by phone. In brief, during this meeting she discusses you, your pet, what kind of photo you would like, etc. This meeting's purpose is to help her get to know you better.
The session is for you and you alone, be emotional, be happy, that's what matters most to her. Your dog is anxious or shy, no problem, she knows how to keep her distance to keep your pet at ease. During your photo shoot, she tries to capture your pet's energy, personality and emotions, which is why she takes her time. Each session lasts from 1h to 1h30 and all of her sessions completed since the beginning have had consistant satisfying results!
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